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About Us

Quality Service

We attribute the growth of MK Woodcrafts to the belief that the quality of our furniture and customer satisfaction is the primary method upon which our business will progress. With this in mind, we only use the highest quality raw materials to produce the highest quality finished product.

Native Hardwoods

We use burr elm, Oak and occasionally Sycamore, in all our furniture. Burrs can occur on most tree species, and when they are cut into produce spectacular pieces of timber. Some will have an open knotty appearance, while others will have a much finer appearance. We use this striking natural appearance to help us produce remarkably unique furniture.


We possess the ability to produce individual, unique furniture. We work closely with the customer from the initial design stage, right through to delivering and fitting the produced masterpiece. We are able and willing to try new and challenging idea's.

Nationwide Fitting and Delivery

MK Woodcrafts deliver and fit nationwide to all 32 counties of Ireland, within a three week period. We can also export to England, the rest of Europe and North America. Each piece of furniture is built in our workshop, then housed in a specially designed wooden box to ensure safety in transit.